50 stocking stuffer ideas for boys

50 of the Best Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Boys Under 10

Need some stocking stuffer gift ideas for the little boys in your life? We’ve got a list of 50 stocking stuffer ideas that boys under the age of 10 will love. Do you have a gift idea you don’t see here? Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear your ideas!

  1. Books, Comic Books, or Magazines
  2. Art supplies such as crayons, colored pencils, paint, clay, a small sketchbook, etc.
  3. Gift Cards (My 8 year old loves Build-A-Bear, Club Penguin, GameStop)
  4. Video Game
  5. Coloring Book
  6. T-shirts (I fold, roll, and wrap the shirt so it fits)
  7. A Baseball
  8. Plastic Dinosaurs
  9. Hotwheels or Matchbox cars
  10. Their favorite candy
  11. Action Figures (unpackaged)
  12. Small Nerf Dart Blaster & Extra Darts
  13. Harmonica
  14. Whoopee Cushion
  15. Fun Bandages
  16. Handheld Games (my kids love 20Q)
  17. Card Games or a Deck of Cards
  18. Silly Putty
  19. Temporary Tattoos
  20. Slinky
  21. Bug Jar
  22. Astronaut Ice Cream
  23. Yo-yo
  24. Small Lego Sets
  25. Spinning Tops
  26. Hacky Sack
  27. Wind-up toys
  28. Rubik’s Cube Game
  29. Hexbugs are a favorite with my son
  30. DVD’s
  31. Awesome shoelaces
  32. Fun Printed Duct Tape
  33. Character Toothbrushes
  34. Flashlight
  35. Mad Libs books
  36. Binoculars
  37. Watch
  38. Ear buds
  39. Disposable Camera
  40. Gloves
  41. Magazine Subscriptions
  42. Crayola Color Bath Dropz
  43. Music CD’s or itunes gift Card
  44. Movie Tickets
  45. Crazy Straws
  46. Silly String
  47. A hat
  48. Mini Football (we always love the Nerf ones)
  49. Character wallet (sometimes I stash a little extra cash surprise in there or they make great gift card holders)
  50. Lightsaber toy


50 stocking stuffer ideas for teens

50 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Teenage Girls

It’s easy to find stocking stuffers for your younger children, not so easy when you’re put on the spot and you’re trying to find stocking stuffers for the teenage girls in your life. Also, teenagers can be a little picky sometimes and you really have to know their tastes to be able to shop for them. When all else fails I always tell people, “Get her a gift card! Girls LOVE shopping!” Sometimes you just need a little inspiration when you get stumped.

  1. Hair Ties, head bands, bobby pins, or other hair accessories (Claire’s has a great selection)
  2. Makeup
  3. Lip Balms (my daughter LOVES Lip Smacker and eos)
  4. Their favorite candy
  5. Book
  6. Magazine
  7. itunes gift card
  8. Gift Card for their favorite store
  9. Jewelry (Forever 21 has really inexpensive costume jewelry but we also love Charming Charlie)
  10. Cell phone accessories (assuming they’ve got a cell phone)
  11. Nail Polish
  12. Diary or Journal
  13. Fuzzy socks or slipper socks
  14. Supplies for their current craft or art obsession (beads, yarn, drawing pencils, etc.)
  15. Cute gloves
  16. Cute hat
  17. A trendy wallet or clutch (bonus awesome parent points if you hide a little cash inside)
  18. Ear Buds
  19. Bubble bath or body scrub
  20. Body Spray
  21. DVD
  22. Makeup Bag
  23. CD of their favorite artist
  24. Gift certificate to their favorite restaurant
  25. Lotion
  26. Portable Flash Drive (I don’t know why, but my daughter always seems to need these for school)
  27. Cash (I’ve never known a teenager that didn’t want this)
  28. Hair chalk
  29. Shaving Cream
  30. A small box of chocolates
  31. Movie Tickets
  32. Hair brush/combs
  33. Gum
  34. Mouse Pad
  35. Keyboard and computer stickers (I personally love the selection at kidecals)
  36. Deck of cards or other card games
  37. mini speakers
  38. Tweezers
  39. Sunglasses
  40. A nice shampoo & conditioner (something they don’t normally get to use)
  41. Face Wash
  42. Subscription to their favorite magazine
  43. A shirt can fit if you roll it and wrap it just right
  44. A keychain
  45. Pens & Pencils
  46. Book light
  47. Items for their favorite sport or hobby. Maybe a customized water bottle would be good. Maybe they’ve been wanting to take dance lessons? How about a gift certificate for a month of dance lessons? You can be creative here. Just think about what they love or want to be involved in and run with it.
  48. Yogurt or ice cream shop gift card
  49. Home mani/pedi items like toe separators, polish remover, foot scrub, etc.
  50. small photo frames

I hope you find this list of 50 Christmas stocking filler ideas helpful. I’d love to hear your ideas as well. Is there something that you always put into your teen’s stocking that I missed here?

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