Yummy Green Fried Tomatoes

How to Make Healthy and Delicious Fried Green Tomatoes Making fried green tomatoes is one of the easiest ways to incorporate an Italian food style into your diet. I love this type of tomatoes, though I’m not really an Italian food fan, per se. However, the tomatoes themselves are nothing more than a slightly modified…


Understanding Real Estate

Understanding real estate can be confusing for those who don’t have any experience. The terminology can be tough to understand, and the industry and its rules can be complex. If you have no experience buying and selling homes, you need to learn everything you can about this process before taking the plunge. There are a…

Inherit a home? Consult a Realtor to Maximize the Opportunity

Inherited a Home? Consult a Realtor!

Experts have Expert Knowledge Dealing with all of the complexities in life leaves some people searching for a better way to make ends meet. You unexpectedly inherited a piece of property from your family, and are unsure as to what to do with it. Whether it may be vacant land, or a developed property (and…

beef sausage dish

Beef Sausage & Roasted Vegetables Recipe

Beef Sausage & Roasted Vegetables Recipe I absolutely love this recipe and it’s a great way to use up some of the wonderful vegetables you’ll find at your local farmer’s market. Ingredients 1 medium onion 2 medium sweet potatoes 5 medium carrots 4 TBSP olive oil 2 small yellow summer squash 2 small zucchinis 13 oz beef smoked sausage salt pepper honey dijon mustard optional…


Thoughts on Divorce

Divorce Unless you’ve been through divorce and managed to survive it with all of your sanity intact you may not understand what I’m talking about. Some people think divorce is just a very cut and dry situation… you know, you just sign the papers and move on, right? Wrong! I will go so far as…

home staging

Home Staging

 8 Tips to Stage Your Home  If your home is in the market you want to do whatever you can to help sell it as fast as possible. Whether you are selling a home in Wilmington, Panama City Beach or Quincy Massachusetts, staging your home can help the marketing process of your home.  Many people…